5 Phases of Courtship

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In any and all courtships, there are 5 phases of non-verbal communication that happen.

No matter what culture, society, or demographics that an individual has, they will constantly follow these stages in their courtship. Let’s have a look at the five stages and what is involved with every one.

The very first stage in courtship is getting attention. You wish to let individuals understand that you are single and looking. You do this through your posture, activities, facial expressions, clothes, and other types of communication that are all non-verbal. You are getting attention in an extremely subtle way.

Your 2nd stage is learning to check out body movement.

After you have gotten attention, you need to start trying to find positive indicators from those around you. You are trying to find who is responding to your indications requesting for attention. Who acknowledges your non-verbal cues and is in tune enough to show an interest in them? These are all things that you will see in the body movement of the individuals that are around you. This can inform you a lot about whom to proceed to the next phase of courtship with.

In the third phase, spoken communication is introduced.

When you know who is interested, you can start talking with them. This stage is also mainly focused on non-verbal communication. There are many things that can be suggested by just saying, “Hi” to someone. It is all in body movement and tone of voice.

You can get a mutual understanding of how things are progressing by what is not being stated. Pay very close attention to the non-verbal signs that individuals are producing. If you see cues that are saying the individual is certainly interested, it is much simpler to approach them and state Hey there. It is likewise much less frightening and unpleasant in this manner.

The fourth phase of courtship includes physical touch.

The feedback that is received is exactly what will figure out where this stage goes. There are various time frames for this phase to last.

The last phase in courtship involves including intimacy and sex to the relationship.

Once once again, just like the very first 4 stages, the non-verbal cues should be your guide in moving forward in this stage. Cuddling, gazing, stroking, kissing, holding hands and other means to reveal and show love will all present themselves during this phase.

If you do not see these indicators from your partner, then you are not both all set to move into this stage. When individuals are intimate with each other, their body language will be extremely clear. Nevertheless, their voice and tone will alter as well. Tone of voice and how we talk can go a long means towards letting our partner understand how interested we are in them and exactly how much we desire them and the intimacy that is to follow.

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