Can Break up and Get Back Together Work?

Breaking Up And Getting Back Together – Can It Work?

That is a question that a great deal of individuals ask. It's not uncommon to break up with somebody and later on regret the breakup and attempt to fix up. The question is, will it work? The answer is, it depends …
It depends upon many aspects. Below is a list of some things you have to truthfully think about prior to you return together with your ex.

1) Why did you separate in the very first place? If you broke up because of major differences in your outlooks and characters and found that you were constantly clashing then getting back together would be a bad idea.
Neither of you will be able to completely change your personality. If you are simply not compatible that will not change.
2) If the reason you separated was fairly small day-to-day inconveniences you have to decide if either of you are willing, and able, to truthfully discuss it and make the changes needed to make the relationship work. If you believe that the 2 of you are mature adequate to have an honest discussion of the issues and work on repairing them then you might be able to make it work this time around.
Most people don't really change to a significant degree. If you or your ex lover is a cheater that pattern will more than likely continue unless substantial therapy is undertaken.
3) If infidelity or abuse is the issue no person ought to be offered a 2nd possibility to hit or impact you once again. Leave, and do not look back. In case of infidelity, if this is a patter for your ex, chances are he/she will more than likely continue. In case of an abusive ex, you should get out of this relationship and move on. Abuse relationships tend to end bad for you, and if you have children, the abuse will extend to them as well.  
Breaking up and getting back together, for the most part, can only be achieved if you and your ex can be completely truthful with yourself and each other. It's possible to make modifications and compromises, however it can be difficult…unless both parties are in agreement and are committed to making the favorable changes required to make the relationship work. If not, it's most likely better to call it stops and move on.

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