5 Tips For Getting Rid Of The First Date Fidgets

Online dating tips

Got the very first date fidgets?

Dates tend to make all of us a bit jittery.

We question whether we should laugh at his jokes (“Oh, no, how do I not giggle if he says something comical?”, “Does my laugh noise totally corny?”, “Maybe I need to just keep my mouth shut …”) and we tend to expect the individuals we’re going with to know these things already, to know we’re feeling more than a little awkward, particularly given that it is our “first date.”.

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Is Your Picture On Your Online Dating Profile?

Is Your Picture On Your Online Dating Profile?

Online Dating Guides, Do I Need One?

Are you reluctant to post your picture online with your dating profile because of your looks?  Do you think that you just won’t cut it against all the other people looking for dates out there?  Are you insecure about what you look like or really think that you are ugly?  OK, I hope this is not the case.

There are too many people out there trying to land a date in the online dating scene but aren’t getting very far or very many results.  Nice, quality, good-natured people that would make for a perfect date or maybe even mate… in the long run.  How many online dating guides have you read that advised you not to include your picture with your profile?
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Online Dating Pics… Yes or No?

Online Dating Pics… Yes or No?

Online Dating Pics… Yes or No?

When I decided to go online to find dates instead of hitting up the bars and malls, I was afraid to put my picture online with my profile.  I know other people that are feel the same way but I don’t know why.

After 3 long months of looking through the profiles on several different online dating sites I was more than just disappointed because I had not received many responses and those were not hopefuls either.
Then I decided to go public with my Facebook community of family and friends.  I polled them about using pictures online with my dating profile.  I didn’t expect what I got back from them either.  Over 80% of the responses made it clear that they would never, ever contact or answer someone on an online dating site without a posted picture.  Over 70% of them even said that the looks weren’t really the true factor for dating them or not, but if there was no picture then they felt they could easily be deceived or the person is just so freaking ugly that they are afraid to post their picture.  Now we all know that this is not really the case with people at all.
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How to Attract Your Man…

Dating Advice For Women

Through your online dating experiences, have you been like the rest of us?  I mean, how many times have you been sitting in you chair waiting for what may be the “man of your dreams,” only to cringe inside as you watch a man that will NEVER, EVER end up you walk across the floor, OMG, right towards you!
Now, do not get me wrong.  I am not that vain woman who turns her nose up to every man because he is not handsome enough, rich enough or smart enough.  But, I am that woman who turns away from the men in their 30’s that are still in the ‘grunge’ phase, lists beer pong as their favorite hobby and still lives with mom and dad.
AND, I am that woman who turns away when I see what may as well be my grandfather walking towards me with a look on his face that is just way, way too happy.  Sorry pappy, but I am not looking for someone that is 30 years older than me, no matter how great you may be.  Plus, I don’t need the drama of dealing with your kids and grandkids that are my age and older.
Even worse, one time I had a very attractive man meet me at a movie theater for a movie through an online dating connection and we had a great time.  Then when we got to the restaurant and the light was shining a certain way~ I saw it and immediately got sick~ the tan line from the ‘missing’ wedding band.  He was married.  Well, if you are a good girl like me, then that just doesn’t fly!  I told him off and left.
So, how do you attract only the men appropriate for you and that meets your personal taste or compatibility?  Well… this is what you do:
Find one of the better written online dating guides.  Look for one that a lot of people has not only purchased, but have also reviewed and are recommending to others.  You don’t want to end up with one that tells you to put on a pretty dress and do your makeup.
The common sense stuff we pretty much got.  It’s the online secrets; you know~ the do’s and don’ts that you want to get when you are surfing through the different online dating guides.    You want quality information such as what sites are the best to use.  Tips and advice about what you should never include in your profile and the things you should and shouldn’t do so as not to attract a bunch of losers.
Remember, #1 thing to keep in mind as you are going through the online dating guides deciding which one you are going to go with that you are looking for up to date tips, advice and strategies.  No false truths or propaganda, just good ole’ fashioned advice for how our online dating system in this United States really works now.