Online Dating Guides, Do I Need One?

Online Dating Guides, Do I Need One?


Let’s face it folks, we live in a digital, technologically driven age.  Years ago, it used to be that when you wanted or desired to meet someone; you got in your car, drove to the bar, sat alone drinking your beer or wine or whatever you were having and either waited for someone to approach you or gathered up the courage to talk to that hottie you’d been eyeing all night.  Then you’d either meet someone or drive home lonely and probably a little drunk too.  And then you get pulled over by a cop at 2:30 am, get arrested and get your mug shot taken with tears streaming down your face because you got a DUI.  Nobody looks good in a mug shot with tears streaming down their face.  Just take my word for it…

But alas there is another option out there for you to meet your soul mate and it comes in the form of online dating websites.  Online dating has been around for about 15 years and while many people have found the love they are searching for, there are countless other “unlucky” people who have not.  However, had those “unlucky” people utilized online dating guides, then they may have found themselves on the flip side of the coin.

Online dating guides contain proved tips and techniques that not only help you get more views on your dating profile, but also more dates!  Your dating profile is the first impression, so to speak, that a potential date has.  I recommend putting an immense amount of thought into it.  In the few seconds it takes for them to read over a generalized description of who you are, they make a decision about you.  They decide whether this person is someone that they would like to get to know better or is this person a waste of my time.  And then, just like that, you are either a potential candidate for them or forgotten in as quick of a moment as it takes them to click on another profile. 

Wow, talk about brutal!!\

I recommend using online dating guides to help make your personal ad stand out from the crowd.  Get one or a couple to help you to learn how to correctly word your profile in a way that highlights your interests, skills and what makes you unique as a person.  By utilizing a few of their tips and tricks you will greatly increase your chances of meeting that wonderful person you have been so patiently waiting for.

So get off your butt and get one of those online dating guides and change your life!  Study it, implement it and take charge of your personal life.  Stop sitting in front of your computer imagining how awesome it would be if you could just meet that special someone.  You can!  Just imagine, if you act now, by this time next week you could be enjoying a fabulous dinner with a fabulous partner beside you. 


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