The Truth About Online Dating


Hello everybody and welcome to Tripp’s Tips. My name is Tripp from and today we’re talking about online dating. It’s very, very popular these days and a lot of people are doing it, and a lot of people are figuring out that this is a really easy way to meet people. Well, I think that yes in some cases this is true but there’s also a few things you need to think about, so today we’re going to go over the three reasons why you should wait on online dating. So number one a lot of people think that dating in itself is very time consuming, which is very true.

So what they do is they go and sign up for a Match profile and an eHarmony profile and all that to think that doing that will save time. So in my experience and other people’s experiences, I’ve found that this statement is false. Online dating takes almost just as much time, potentially even more than actually going out there and trying to meet somebody. I mean you’ve got to be looking at profiles, commenting on profiles, tweaking your own profile, waiting for responses back.

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